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RE: [No Audi] Tap extractors?

If it is a critical part I would recommend taking your part to a shop
that specializes in drill & tap removal and have it EDM burned.  If it's
not critical you can probably sacrifice an 1/8" carbide ball end mill.
Grind the tap parallel to the surface.  Locate the mill head over the
center of the hole and lock the quill.   Then very, very slowly feed the
end mill with cutting oil into the tap using the table crank.  After
that you should be able to bust it up with a small punch.
Good Luck,
Rene Curry
Grosse Ile, MI
84 Audi 5KT
71 Chevelle Malibu
96 GMC Safari     

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>[No Audi Content--but I hope someone here can help]
>I've got a broken HSS 10-24 tap in a 316 stainless part here at work.
>(We have a small machine shop but few tools for working 316 properly.)
>Anyone have recommendations for tap extractors for such a case? The tap
>broke at an angle, close to the surface of the part, so there's not a
>lot to hold on to. The tap (taper type) is less than 1/4" into the part.
>I've never used tap extractors and don't imagine they would work for
>this case... but if you think otherwise, please let me know. Thanks.
>- Wallace