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Re: Regarding DOT 5

> On the very positive side, however, DOT 5 will not absorb water..
> non-hygroscopic is the traditional term, although Bob Myers tells me that
> use of 'non-hydroscopic' is seeing increased usage.  By not absorbing
> moisture it is an ideal fluid for brake systems which are either seldom used
> or never stressed by high heat.

Yes but...
There is one bad thing about DOT5 not absorbing mosture.When small amounts of
water make there way into the brake system, through changes in humidity caused
by rapid heating and cooling or living in areas where rain is very prevelant,
the fluid will not absorb this water and small pockets of condensation will form
in the lines, calipers, etc. This can lead to problems of the caliper failure
nature as well as poor pedal feel and a loss of performance.
Can this be solved by routinely flushing the system, of course, but who
routinely does it?

Todd Candey
Motul Racing Brake fliud 600, DOT4 in all of our cars, and never a problem.