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RE: Regarding DOT 5

Gross writes;

> here to teach and to learn.  We don't have to be civil on the roads, but
> perhaps we should agree to be civil in this forum.  After all... the
> serenity of knowing that that most of you are assholes and are just waiting
> to pounce on anything I say frees me from the need to say so.  That... and
> the knowledge that owning an Audi requires an advanced sense of humor.
Amen Gross.  I already know I'm an asshole, idiot, moron,
and whatever else someone wants to call me.  I have the
degrees to prove it, and the tire irons, baseball bats,
rocks and knuckles to back it up.  I'll stand right behind
you if you promise not to duck...

> peace be with you.
and with you.