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RE: Advice on an A4 Quattro

I have a 97 A4 1.8q with sport options (not suspension) - seats, steering wheel, rims, Warm weather package, trip computer, sunroof package  with 10,000 miles on it for $23,000 in change in FL a year ago..  The market is  good for the buyer down here.  I asked a dealer last night if there was an S4 to see and his response was that they probably won't get one. BMW rules the market down here is the middle European area.  

Good luck in your upcoming purchase.

Keith Krzeminski
97 A4 1.8q

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Hello Everyone,

I am going to be buying an A4 Quattro within the next month or so.  I have
been shopping around quite a bit and just got back from my second test
drive.  It's foolish to tell all of you this but DAMN that car drives

I am writing to all of you for some help.  I have already decided that I
want Quattro, the sports package, sport steering wheel, and trip computer.
After driving around today and having some fun with the salesman - he
encouraged me to get it up to 110 on the highway - he first mentioned a
bar that can be placed in the front to offer a stiffer ride?  Any info on
that would be helpful.

And, most important, I am curious as to what deals owners of the A4 have
been able to attain.  How much should I pay over invoice?  I have heard
some who say 300-500 (which seems too good to be true) and others who pay
over 1000 over invoice.  

Help me get up to speed in what I plan will be a long lifetime with

Thanks in advance.