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Advice on an A4 Quattro


Good luck on your new purchase.  My buddy just bought a 1.8tq, loves it.
(as do I)

Do you plan on autocrossing?  Racing?  Rallying?  If not, avoid the
"bar".  What the salesman is probably referring to is a strut brace, or
perhaps the anti-sway bars.   There are already sway bars on the car,
you can buy stiffer ones.  Strut braces are available as well, but
installing that won't be that noticeable (in a positive way) on the
road, and IMO are a waste of money. (Unless you answered yes to the

As far as how much you should pay, the only right answer is As Little As
Possible.  Unfortunately for A4 buyers, the car is in high demand so
there's no loud-tv-ad-type deals getting cash back, etc. so dealers
(like my dad) don't knock off very much.  If you live in a big city, be
sure to shop other dealers or use an independent leasing
company/broker.  Also, check out:


Regarding my acting:
I didn't sell out.
I bought in.
Chris Dyer, Sony Development
(818) 525-2488