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Re: H&R vs Eibach, which for 4kq?

I have been forwarned that the H&Rs drop down much lower than Eibachs.
It's your opinion.

Personally, I'd go with the Eibachs.

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, Wolff wrote:

> I want to put new/other springs on my '86 4kq. It is sagging badly in
> the back. It is not a snow car so I can lower it. (The 44's get the snow
> duty). I already have Bilstein HD's up front and have matching struts
> ready for the rear. I also have R-8's in 15x7 ready to go on as well.
> Haven't chosen a tire yet, but don't need a thread on that. A lister
> offered me some Eibach's used at an attractive price or I can buy new
> H&R's. Opinions about stiffness, quality, progressiveness etc. welcome.
> TIA,
> Wolff

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