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Dyment Publications (Was: Re: Service manual, 93 90.)

> We got our service manual for the 93 90 through Dyment, and it consists
> of 6" of thin sections, poorly bound, organized by service groupings. It
> was seriously expensive, considering we have used it about 4 times in 5
> years, and then on only 2 cars. Don't remember the cost right now, but I
> believe it was on the bad side of 200 bux. I'm sure someone on the list
> can provide the phone #.

This sounds like the same method of organization used in the old Porsche+Audi
Workshop Service Manual I had for the 1970-1977 Audi 100LS. 

Does anyone have a complete list of workshop manuals available from Dyment?
My 100LS manuals were destroyed in a flood, and if I can still get new ones,
I'd really like to know... 

tia... -doug q
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