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need a '91 200Q

    I've finally sold my Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon, and am now officially in
the market for a '91 200Q, sedan or wagon, whatever's available.  I
prefer stock, but will look at everything.  The better the condition,
the more desireable of course.  If your selling, drop me a line!
    I live in Montana, and am willing to travel as far east as
Minnesota, as far south as Colorado, and west until the water gets too
    Can any of you listers clue me in on specifics to look out for in
checking out a prospect?  I know of the UFO brake situation, and of the
obvious things like CV joints, struts, and steering rack, but what other
suspect areas should I look into?
    I can't wait to get one of these in the garage!

John Cassidy

'90 CQ
'95 850 no more!