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Re: Insulating the Starter Motor


or ask around domestic speed shops for "Thermo-Tec" heat wrap.

>>My '85 does not have any insulation at all, and I had some difficulties
>>starting at Road America last year which the assembled brains trust
>>attributed to heat soak.  The '83 appears to have a fibreglass cloth
>>strapped around it.
>>What are my options, and where can I get them?
>In your own house :-)
>Trace your HVAC ducting and cut out the 10x10cm fibre glass insulation,
>the one with the Aluminium foil on one side. Wear the gloves or you'll
>be itching for a day or so.
>Clamp it to the starter with a big hose clamp. Works well on my car.
>Igor Kessel
>Three turbo quattros