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Aircraft products and supplies

Here is that list of suppliers I promised.  There are lots of good crossover
products in these.  Just use your imagination.

Wag aero  www.wagaero.com  1-800-558-6868

Wicks aircraft supply 1-800-221-9425    (supplies for aircraft home

Aircraft spruce www.aircraft-spruce.com  (excellent catalogue)

U.S. industrial tool & supply www.ustool.com  (tool supplier)

Skybolt aeromotive corp. 1-800-223-1963 (hardware)

Techni-tool www.techni-tool.com 1-800-832-4866 (electrical tools and

Aircraft tool supply company www.aircraft-tool.com 1-800-248-0638 (hand and
shop tools)

There are lots of good resources here.  If you would like to to learn how to
use some of these specialty tools go by your local airport to a flight
training school and pick up a copy of the FAA AC 43.13-1A/2A Acceptable
methods, techniques, and practices Aircraft inspection, Repair and
Alterations.  This is a FAA publication of the how to's of aircraft repair.
There is allot of good info here.  You can also get a copy from:

The Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing office,
Washington, D.C.20402
Identify the publication as: FAA AC No. 43.13-1A

I hope some of you find this information useful

Greg Herrmann