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If this guy ain't on the list, then he should be!

To:   quattro
Saturday morning, roughly 11 am, in Woburn, MA.

With my car running well, I am, of course, searching for parts for my 10
year old Suzuki Katana 600. I'm killing time at Einstein Bagels (or
whatever) before an appointment in Woburn and I pull in next to a spotless
black S6 with platinum grey leather interior. The S6 is lowered with the
Avus wheels filling every mm of opening available in the wheel wells. The
tires have been recently shined. The car is gorgeous. I notice that the
license plate is, "MXX OUT", at the same time that I noticed the DTM style
exhaust poking up from under the rear bumper cover. This car is all

I also noticed that elsewhere in the parking lot is a new A6. Nice enough,
but pales in comparison to this S6.

So, as I'm getting my coffee I scan the joint looking for someone who MUST
have their act together, but I can't tell who owns the S6. I then decide to
sit outside, drink my coffee, and read the paper whilst stalking the S6

A nice little family emerges from the shop, two adults in their mid to late
30's, and a newborn in carry on luggage known as a car seat. I see an
enormous Audi key (infrared keyless entry key like mine) dangling from the
key ring, but there was no car seat attachment in the S6, so I assume that
they own the new A6.

When they pull out from the rear of the building, I see the wife and the
child leaving in the new A6... and the gentleman is rumbling by in the S6!
Damn! I never imagined that they were in separate cars, never mind BOTH
Audis. I missed my opportunity to bug the guy about his car.

Sir, if you are on the list, I offer my congratulations on attaining a
position in life that affords you the opportunity to DRIVE MY CAR!

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 45k mi