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Re: 1995 A6 timing belt

Hairy green toads from Mars made Eric Pipas say:

>                         I have a 1995 A6 (56,000 ml) and just had the
> injector recall done. while thre car was at the dealership they "noticed"
> two other problems. One was a faulty cat converter which the repaired under
> warranty. The second was a loose timing belt. They said they could hear the
> belt hitting the plastic cover. I could not reproduce this sound in my
> garrage. I have heard of this model throwing belts at about 60k. Has any
> one else heard of this before. I know that this is an interference head and
> do not want to crash the motor. I am usd to the 100k timing belt intrval
> onthe 5000's. Also is there a way to inspect the timing belt. What are the
> warning signs of a faulty belt.

The timing belt on the 2.8 V6 is 90K, inspect every 30K.
I don't know what kind of sound they have, but you can check
yourself pretty easily. Pop the hood, and twist the belt with
your fingers. If it can EASILY twist more than 90 degrees, it
is too loose. It should be pretty taut.


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