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Re: Mirror Switch

Hi Huw;

    I don't know how your Coupe mirrors are attached, but the mirrors on my
'86 5ktq were removed by inserting a thin screwdriver through the hole in
the bottom of the mirror housing and rotating the locking ring to release
the mirror from the rotary mount. The hole is located in the centre of the
housing just back of the glass. If you look up through the hole, you should
see the teeth on the locking ring which engage the screwdriver. You may have
to move the mirror around to get at them. An '82 5000 I saw in a wreckers
had this same mounting system. Once the locking ring is released, the glass
just falls out, so be prepared to catch it :o) If you have heated mirrors,
the wires will keep it from plunging to the ground :o)
    The newer mirrors ('89 - '91) snap onto the rotary mount with four
plastic catches. If you use the Bentley procedure to remove the glass ( pry
it off top and bottom) you will likely fracture the plastic arms connecting
the mount to the motor drive (BTDT). On these mounts, you have to move the
mirror to allow a thin screwdriver to be inserted behind each catch and pop
each one off individually.
    The earlier mirrors had the better mounting system and mirror glass but
an inferior drive/clutch system.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  272k km

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> >   Remove the mirror glass
> how does one do this, anyway?
> thanks
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