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$#^%@&*#Tire Jack!!!!!!

You should always loosen your lug nuts before you jack up the car, and
tighten them after you lower the car. I always plug my tires without
removing the wheels. I carry a little compressor, a bottle of soapy water,
and a plug set which I bought at Wal Mart, in the trunk. It works great, but
I have never had good luck with fix a flat. I got tired of having flats, so
I made a deal with my local tire shop, I pay a monthly fee and the tires are
guaranteed regardless, and after one year I get a whole new set. We drive on
rugged hilly gravel roads with lots of flint, so good tires are a must
around here, at least 6 ply. I once bought a set of Dunlops at $100 a piece
or so, they were torn up in 6 months! Good luck, Martin.