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RE: Coolant

At 08:32 AM 4/20/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Hey Bob,
>Do you think it is a good idea to use the Brita filtered water as
>demineralized water. The Brita water system remove most of the minerals (as
>far as I know), it also makes the water taste good much better than all the
>"bullshit" water bottles. 

AFAIK, these filters are designed primarily for removing bad tastes,
primarily organic (covalent) materials rather that inorganic (ionic)
materials.  They use a carbon (activated charcoal) filter.  I suspect that
as far as your cooling system is concerned there would be little difference
in ionic solute content between water which passed through the filter and
water which came straight from the tap.

>We should treat our Audi correctly.........

Yeah.  Agreed.  But let's don't get totally anal over this.  :-)

>Second question Bob, would it be better to use in the Brita water system
>(before filtering) soft water or hard water (me thinks soft).........

If the Brita filter functions the way I think is does then you should use a
different water source.  Your goal would be reduced ionic content.
Starting with soft water (already low dissolved ionic solids, primarily
Ca+2 and/or Mg+2 and/or Fe+3 and their counter ions) would provide
essentially all the "benefit" you would get from the filter (read none from
the filter).  Choice between hard and soft water?  Use soft.  Choice
between soft water and distilled (or demineralized) water?  It depends on
just how soft the soft water is.  Distilled (demineralized) water is
approximately the ultimate in soft water.  If your soft water is *that*
good then cost becomes the deciding factor.  Go for cheap.

Now, if I'm wrong about that Brita-type filters and if they actually do
function to remove dissolved ionic materials and actually do soften water
then this water would be preferable.  Assuming that you have such a system
I'd suggest you read the system specs (ignoring the BS hype and getting
real facts) to determine if ion removal is accomplished or not.  Some
statement about ion exchange resin or deionizing or similar will be a tip-off.

>Thanks for your reply,
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>The OEM's do not recommend distilled water for cooling systems because it is
>chemically active. A better choice is demineralized water.
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