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Beating a dead horse, for the one millionth time

Dear List...

A while back I was one of the many who asked about CD changers and I got lots 
of advice (thank you). When I tried to employ some of your good suggestions I 
ran into a few road blocks. The one I like the best is the service manager at 
the local dealership telling me to order the changer from the parts 
department, then they or an installer of my choice could put it. The service 
department said there was no CD changer for my car. That had been my last 
resort, I only went to the dealership after I hit a few other dead ends.

So making a long story short, I found a place nearby that said they could 
install a CD Changer in the trunk and attach it to the FM modulator (?) and 
it would then run off an FM station. The wiring would be hidden except for 
the remote that would be Velcro-ed to an inconspicuous but handy spot in 
front.  <G> 

So I'm asking, since this seems like the only option available for my car, is 
it the way to go? I mean I could stick to tapes if this is a bad idea. 

95A6q pearl