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Re: A4 Leatherette/Leather/Cloth Prefs?

   I recently purchased a '99 Santorin Blue Mica A4 1.8T Quattro with the 
Ecru Leatherette interior.  I am very pleased and impressed with the 
leatherette.  Sure, its vinyl but one of very good quality.  Everyone who 
rides in my car naturally assumes that its leather.  
   What surprised me the most is that the seats don't get hot in the sun.  It 
could be becuase the Ecru is so light in color but the Florida sun does beat 
down pretty hard.   For what its worth, I highly recommend the leatherette 
interior.  The look of leather but the ease of maintenance of vinyl.

Stephen Budelsky, IDSA
99 A4 1.8T quattro

p.s.  The Audi dealership doesn't like it if you call it vinyl :-(
        Its Leatherette!