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RE: R8c

If you drove a Citroen or a Fiat, your TORSEN would have frozen, and you'd be
tickled by it! Thanks for the clue-in.

The factory offers a Majordomo list for their Le Mans entry, plus the web site
is pretty cool, once you find the bit in a language you understand.

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"Duff, Ian" wrote:
> Alright, dirtballs, we Amerikaners had the sense to choose Cherman cars, but
> maybe not the masochistic tendencies to learn Cherman enough to read the
> you're posting. My guess, knowing your bent mind, is you're calling everyone
> can't read this an idiot. Care to enlighten us?
> -Ian.
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> GTI2GO@aol.com wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >        Der neue Audi R8 ist toll, abber nicht alle kann Deutsch lessen!  ;)
> >
> >
> >
> >        Pat
> >        90 Coupe
> Aber es gibt verschiedene Amerikaner, wie Ich, Die Deutsch sprechen
> und lesen koennen.
> (Ok Phil or Hans-Juergen, please correct me if I boo-booed)
> Good try!  Couple of tips. 1 'b' in "aber" (but) and 1 's' in lesen
> ('e' pronounced
> as a long 'a', 'ss' (double consanant) would have made it a "short" e.)
> The other nit is that one would say "Jeder" (as in everyone, as
> opposed to "all")
> -Peter Schulz (yupp, my parents are off ze boat from Chermany...)
> 1990 CQ
> 1991 TQW
> schulz@res.ray.com
I said: 

"But there are various Americans, such as I, who can speak and
read Cherman"

and Pat said:

"The new Audi R8 is neat, but not everyone can read German."

Of course a lister who speaks Italian or French can tell me
that the torsen in my transmission has fused, smile at me, and
leave me thinking that I have just received the highest compliment.

That's why I drive an Audi, and not a citroen or fiat...