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Re: NH tech day

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> >One other thing I learned-- I need a torque wrench.  Turns out you gotta
> >torque the wheel lugs to 90 ft-lb... well, how was I to know?  So, I drove
> >over to Sears to price 'em and they carry two that appear good: a 5-80 ft-lb
> >one for $90 and a 25-250 ft-lb for $100.  I'm leaning toward the smaller
> >one and just torquing the lugs a bit under-spec.  Is there any reason to
> >get the larger one?  all advice appreciated....

> For a $10 difference why even consider the smaller one?  The longer handle
> is well worth whatever premium is required.  And you don't want to under-
> torque the lug bolts, especially if you drive aggressively or do track days.
> I run mine at 100 ft-lb on the advice of numerous track tech inspectors.

If there is a Home Depot or similar around, there are 'Husky' tools which
are cheaper than the Craftsman.  Neither brand carry lifetime warrenties
on torque wrenches BTW.

Basically, both ranges are needed for working on Audis... the 5-80
to stop you overtorquing the little bolts and the 25-250 to stop you
undertorquing the big ones.