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G60 brake conversion on '90 90Q20v

Hi All,
I need the correct front rotor for conversion of my 1990 Audi 90 Q 20v
sedan front brakes to the G60's found on the 90-91 CQ and 200 TQ.  I
have calipers/carriers that I purchased from Chris Semple, but the front
rotors (8A0 615 301 C...spec'd for a 90-91 CQ) require washers to
backspace the carrier to accommodate the rotor offset.  Not an
appropriate conversion, IMO.

Can anyone confirm this conversion, and that the correct rotor p/n is
893 615 301 (no suffix)?  It appears that this rotor is the one found on
90-91 90Q20V "sport" models that came with G60's stock.  Rotor
dimensions are 276x25mm, same as CQ, but different offset required.

Thanks, and please e-mail direct, as I am not sub'd to the mother list.

Ray Tomlinson