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Re: seeking 4kq/prices

Jim - still doubting.  most list voices seem to concur with me, but maybe this will
solicit more opinion.  not only anecdotally have i heard it repeated that 4k's
didn't get the plating, but my 1987 4k started having tiny pinhole rust points
appear on the trunk lid within the first year of delivery.  not what you might
expect from a galvi car.  it DID have the rust through warranty, which of course the
dealer fought tooth and nail even though the car was only 6mos. old:
 'that's not rust THROUGH, you see...' and
'well come back later and we'll see if it's REALLY rusting' and my favorite
'well, you see, that's not rust from YOUR car, it's rust in the road dirt'


> On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, John Cunningham wrote:
> > >         Well, theyare dip-glavanized so rust is not that big of a deal.
> >
> > not on those old pups i don't think.  took the 80/90 for small cars to get the
> > happy dippage.
> >
>         Audi started dipping the full line in 1985
> ;)
> jim



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