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Re: 200 TQW headroom

Buchholz, Steven wrote:
> ... that's funny, at 6'4" in the '88 5kCSQA I find that the headliner is a
> bit closer to my head than I would like but it isn't a problem ... must be a
> difference in torso vs. leg length ...
> Audi did have available a seat frame that was about an inch shorter than the
> older cars.  I'm pretty sure that in 1991 all 200QAs in the USA had the
> lower seat frame (from reading the 1991 Model Changes book).  My suspicion
> is that even the older cars with the sport seats have the smaller frame as
> well. 

Don't think the early cars had the lower frame, though the '91 does seem
to have it. My (or is it Lisa's?) '88 5kcstq with sport seats definately
sits higher at the minimum seat setting than the '91 200 tq with sport
seats. Lisa likes it as she can sit higher and see better in the 5kq.
Suits me just fine to drive the 200 :-)