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KS recall done

Had my injectors replaced yesterday afternoon,  the actual labor only
took about 40 minutes.

The car seems to have a slightly smoother idle now, otherwise didn't
notice much difference on the way home. This morning it seemed to fire
right up instead of cranking for a couple seconds.

Popped the hood last night to take a look at the new parts (Jeez my
engine is dusty!). As mentioned, they replaced the entire fuel rail. At
first I thought that they hadn't replaced the injectors as they have
this white crap all over them, but closer inspection shows injectors
that are too clean to be the same old ones. Anybody have any idea what
the white stuff is all over the injectors, some sealant of some sort? My
best guess is that they used some sort of sealant on the
injector-to-manifold seals and weren't very tidy about it.

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