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Re: 4kq sub install?

	my installer recomended building a custom enclosure
	in the trunk, designed for porting, and sending the 
	ports thru the kickpanel.  this is an urq; even less
	space to work with!  i have found though that there
	is definately little you can hope for in putting a
	sub in the trunk.  even the 350w i am sending mine 
	is barely noticable above the sexy thrum of the 
	modified exhaust i run.

	also it will help to amp up the mids and perhaps get
	mids you can xover lower to help win back some bass
	response.  huw?

On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Stacy Mohr wrote:

]Anyone one have a good solution to install a sub in a 4kq?  Audi was 
]not thinking about stereo gear when they put the gas tank in the 
]trunk.  I just bought a bazooka rs 10 (amplified), installed it, not 
]happy with the results, so its going back.  There is just too much 
]stuff between the listener and the sub, ie gas tank, trunk liner, 
]sheet metal with few holes in it, and a back seat.  The only time i 
]get bass is when the volume is turned way up.  My next thought is to 
]build a custom enclosure that fires a sub (or two) up at the rear 
]shelf, and cut a hole in the rear shelf sheet metal to get more sound 
]into the cabin.  This looks to be a challange.  Any words of wisdom 
]out there?
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