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Re: How to set timing marks?

In a message dated 5/2/99 2:14:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time, nyos@hotmail.com 

> My timing belt broke and I need to know how to set the timing marks 
>  correctly. Its a 1993 90S (V6). Just to be sure, on the cams the 5 dots 
>  the marks? Is the key in the crank the mark? Or should I look closer. I 
>  can't belive there no bently manual for the car :( Can anyone suggest 
>  another source? Does ALLDATA have the info?

It's a substantially harder job than just resetting some marks and slipping a 
belt back on. This might be one to visit your mechanic on. You need to free 
up both cam sprockets with a puller and then sync the cams with a special 
tool. The end result is the sprockets are free to rotate on the cams to set 
belt tension. That's the short version of the procedure :)

That V6 is also an interference motor, so there may be valve damage depending 
on circumstances. I've seen a few people get lucky though! I believe manuals 
for that car are available from Dyment Dist, somebody will have the number 

Chris Semple
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