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Re: HELP! Window won't go up!

Dan.....I had this happen to me several times, and I can suggest 4
approaches to fixing it.
(1)The "up" wire from switch to motor is broken at the door hinge, where it
flexes every time you open and close the door. Strip back the cable cover,
examine for break. Replace about 6 inches of broken wire so repair doesn't
go in same spot as original break.

(2)The "up" electric contacts of the switch aren't connecting. Pry up a
switch from a window that IS working, and substitute it for the troublesome

(3)The "up" physical pressure tabs in the rocker of the bad switch aren't
pushing on the micro switch beneath them. Same effect as #2 above,
different cause. Same fix, swap in a working switch from a back window. But
you can also pry off the ROCKER and press on the micro switch (underneath
rocker) with a pencil eraser. The microswitch is covered by a thin clear
plastic covering at the front of the switch.I used this method, because my
elbow was always accidently lowering the rear window an this removal of the
rocker cap was better than amputating my left arm.

(4)Take off the door panel, trace the wiring to the motor, and use an
auxiliary battery to supply 12 volts to the "up" wire of the motor. A
battery charger would also be a source of the current. You are by-passing
both a broken wire in the door, and/or a faulty switch.  And you are
proving that the motor works.  This method is the FIRST thing a mechanic
will do, because it allows him to fix the real problem (which may be the
motor itself.)

There you have it. Easy answer that may work: Swap in a working switch. If
that doesn't raise the window, it is either a broken wire or a bad motor.

Doyt Echelberger

At 02:10 AM 5/2/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>     Help!  Tonight a friend of mine rolled down the window in my '89 200TQ
>and while it went down fine, it did not come back up.  Switch is getting
>We figure a bad window regulator or bad window motor.  We pulled the door
>off the car in a dark parking lot (blind luck as I'd never pulled it off this
>car before).  We couldn't figure it out.  It looks like the cable is in
>and we can hear the motor making noise when you hit the down, but nothing
>you hit up.  I'm thinking half (the one that does up) of the motor is
dead, or
>something to that effect.  Only problem is....My window is still
>     Any way to just get the window back up?  I don't have to be able to open
>it again, but I'd like it closed.  I have a garbage bag over it now and that
>doesn't do much for security.  I also park in a parking deck (I don't have a
>secure garage) so I need to do something ASAP!  Please respond with any
>suggestions or quick fixes.  I'm sure I will need to order a new window
>regulator or motor, but for now I just need the window shut!
>     Later,
>     Dan