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WTB: centre caps for Ronals

Hi all,

I'm getting my bent Ronal straightened out today (hopefully), so I can go
back from steels+M&S to alloys (the M&S tyres are not speed rated for my
car, so it won't pass the annual test with them). Whilst taking the Ronals
off, I noticed that two of them had home-made centre caps held on by
nothing more than good luck. Anyway, I can't get them on like the previous
owner did (they've broken off, actually), and have been trying every source
I can think of to find some replacements. NLA for years here, apparently.

I know that Ronal 16-spoke wheels are pretty common in the US, and I hope
that the caps for the 4k/CGT Ronals are the same as those on my 15x7s.
They're marked 'RONAL 0555 71053', are 145mm in diameter, exactly 3mm thick
and have a metal retaining ring 50mm in diameter in the centre. I can
provide digi-pics. (Mine don't have the Audi logo BTW, but they've been

I'm looking for two caps (don't have to be perfect- as long as they still
clamp onto the wheel they're OK). I'm in Holland, but these things don't
weigh much so they should be cheap to ship.

Is anyone on the list in posession of two caps that are surplus to
requirements, and willing to sell them to me for a realistic price? I can
pay you in US$, or-ideally- trade for Audi stuff (brochures, models, etc)-
provided they're identical in size to my existing caps. The fit is pretty
snug, so I think small variations in size can make a difference between
fitting and falling off.

TIA very much for your responses!


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
 1987 Audi 90q 2.3E, Tizianrot metallic, 167,000km

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                                     -- Albert Einstein