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RE: '90 200 console switches

> A couple of minor questions about the console switches in my recently
> acquired '90 200 tqw (while I wait for my Bentleys).
> 1) On US models, was the fog light switch on the console wired to any
> bulbs
> in the rear, or is it not used? I don't get any response from it: no "on"
> indicator light, and no light(s) going on at the back. The switch
> illumination does work.
... if you have only one switch you don't have any rear fog.  My '91 V8 has
two one front and one rear ... neither will work unless the headlights are
on, and if you turn on the switch for the rear fogs the front ones are
turned on as well.  You can turn the front ones on and the rear ones will be
off unless the rear switch is on ...

> 2) I get no response on the dash when I press the Anti-Lock console
> switch.
> The bulb in the dash works, because it illuminates when I start the car
> and
> when I lock the rear differential. Any BTDTs on this? Should I be looking
> for loose switch connections, or is it likely something more serious
> (related to ABS)? If it matters, the illumination works on this switch.
It sounds like the ABS is probably working fine.  The console switch
connects to a separate relay-like module called the ABS Power module (or
something similar to that).  It could be that the switch is bad or that the
module is faulty.  You should also try locking the rear differential from
the switch below the parking brake.  If this does not cause the ABS-OFF
light to come on either hten it is more likely to be a problem with the

You can always confirm whether or not your ABS is working by taking the car
out to a place where there isn't any traffic and doing some panic stops ...

> 3) Illumination is missing on the driver side seat heater switch. Is this
> a
> simple matter of removing the switch and replacing a bulb?
I've never done it myself, but I understand the bulb is soldered in.  I've
seen posts stating that compatible bulbs are available at Radio Shaft and it
is something that can be DIY'ed ...

> Related to all these, do these switches pop out (as in a '90 VW dash) or
> is
> there some work required to get them out?
... they should pop out from the console ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)