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Re: Requesting Guidance from a Car Insurance agent

I bought a '90 100 three years ago from an individual in Tenessee which
had been totaled and salvaged, but did not know it until I went to
register the car in Virginia (the state in which it was totaled and
salvaged).  This information showed up on the title search at the DMV -
suprise!!  I contacted the fellow from whom I purchased the car who
explained to me the extent of the damage and the items which were
replaced.  I had the car evaluated by a trusty mechanic, and opted to
keep it rather than fight since I paid what I concluded was a reasonable
price and the car looked almost like a new one (fresh pearl paint and
    The only effect the salvage title has had is that my title reflects
that history on it.  Otherwise, there are no ramifications with
insurance, inspection, or what have you.  Oh yes, at the DMV they
printed out a report of the damage from some data-base in the sky, and
sent a fellow out to the parking lot to look over what had been damaged
and check out the repairs.  He gave it a clean bill of health and then
registration was possible.

Mike Larosa wrote:

> Here's the scoop...
> Considering purchasing an Audi with a "salvage" title and having
> it repaired by a reputable auto body shop.
> What concerns will I run into insuring ? registering ? inspection
> Sticker ?
> Anybody ?
> Thanks,
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