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Re: Requesting Guidance from a Car Insurance agent

I am insured with Progressive now. A few years ago, 1995 I believe, I got a
quote from Geico on a "previous salvage" Saab 900 that I had. Maybe they have
changed their tune since then. With Progressive, I followed the "Don't ask,
don't tell" theory. Not because I was being crafty, but honestly, it did not
occur to me to mention salvage.

Mike.LaRosa wrote:

> Interesting....
> I have Geico Insurance in NH.  When I mentioned Salvage they refused to
> even quote it, never mind consider it for insurance.  Luckily, I didn't
> mention my policy number or name... I was slightly thinking ahead :-)
> When I called Progressive Insurance, for those of you who don't know their
> history.  They made their money insuring high risk people at sky high
> prices, in states that required insurance....  I went through 3 people
> before I got to the supervisor who put me on hold...... for 32 minutes,
> before I hung up...  I'm guessing nobody knew what to do and they where
> hoping I went away... :-)       It Worked.
> Question:  Do insurance companies do Title searches ?
> I basicly do insurance over the phone, provide them with the VIN and some
> basic info and wallah.. insured...
> Another lister mentioned State Farm didn't care, they'll be next call on
> Monday.
> Thanks,