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Re: ADDCO Rear Anti-Sway Bar: '87 QSW

Can't speak for Audi/VW applications, but I put their bars (front/rear) on
my old '75 Impala.

Wow.....an amazing difference.

The rear eventually broke, and was replaced, no questions asked, in under a

>I'm considering the purchase of a bigger/stiffer rear anti-sway bar (to
>the OEM unit) from ADDCO to put on my '87 QSW, in an effort to neutralize
>handling a bit (i.e. take a bit of the understeer away).
>Has anyone had any luck installing these, especially on the QSW? Any BTDT,
>any Audi/VW vehicle?
>Was there a noticeable difference? Well worth the price?
>I believe the catalog says that I'd be going from a 5/8" to a 3/4" inch bar
>(which is the max they provide for this car, from what I can tell...),
>results in a 205% "improvement" (i.e. "percent of increased strength").
>I'm waiting for the sales/tech guy to call me back, to ensure that they
>make one for the QSW. The catalog only states " '85-'88 Quantum". We all
>that the Quantum sedans are not the same (i.e. non-quattro, and probably
with a
>different rear suspension). I'll let you all know if I come up snake-eyes
on the
>whole deal.
>There is a discount of $25.00 off each kit if you order more than two. Any
>QSW owners want to consider it? Not sure if they'll consider separate
>addresses as "more than two". If not, perhaps someone else in the NE/Boston
>wants to order one along with me? Retail says $167.33... $141.32 with the
>discount. (Since they say it is a "kit", I assume it comes with all the
>and end bushings/hardware... i.e. that stuff is not separately priced).
>And, BTW, if you haven't already seen a copy of their book "Handling: What
>is, and how to get it", it is definitely worth it. Nice book to add to the
>collection at home (or work, I suppose). It's only $3.00. You might be able
>get one free, if you ask nicely perhaps... :-)
>Their phone # is: 800-338-7015. Of course, no affiliation etc... yada,
>yada. YMMV.
>Any thoughts/comments/BTDT is greatly appreciated.
>P.S. I'm not currently on the audifans list, so please CC: me on any posts.
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