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Re: poor manners...

In a message dated 99-05-07 13:44:58 EDT, you write:

<< Mike Veglia
 87 5kcstq (bought in 8/97 for $2950.00...in other words 50 bux less than 
 flamer's 4kq)

Hey Hey Hey!
No cutting on 4000CSQ prices.....I wouldn't sell mine for an offer of less 
than 6,500$ at this point.  Anyone who sees the car will know why.  Sean, 
it's MUCHO nicer than the last time you saw it, and it was clean then.

Screw you guys, I going home.

Carter J
1986 4000CS Quattro (somewhere in the neighborhood of 9,000 invested.)
1986 Coupe GT (getting there quickly, but still around 2K)