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RE: stereo

I disagree.  I have a sunfire true subwoofer in both theatres in my home.
Driver complements are as follows:
1 8" active driver
1 8" I passive driver
both with 2.5 - 3 " excursions
enclosure size is an 11" cube
powered by an internal 2700 (two thousand seven hundred) watt amplifier
flat to below 18hz

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At 02:51 PM 5/6/99 -0400, Dave Aukerman wrote:
>No kidding.  I remember listening to a single Servo-controlled 7" sub in a
>home enviro. about ten years ago. . .breathtaking.  Speaker quality and
>proper enclosure is the key.

all else being equal, a high quality, properly enclosed, servo controlled
15" sub will simply blow away the 7".
you cannot escape the laws of physics...