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RE: [syncronized] Re: ADDCO Rear Anti-Sway Bar: '87 QSW

I have to agree with Phil here.  The syncro definitely does NOT "push" like
the CQ.  However, I've decided that my syncro is not driving in its
characteristically positive way.

First off, I'm now beginning to think the shock / strut / ball joint
replacement just over a year ago has had an adverse effect on handling.  For
the record, I had the fronts replaced with Boge turbo gas (STD) and the
rears with OEM hydro Boge turbos (gas not available for the rear).

The car now seems to be less in tune with the road...floaty and easily push
by crosswinds.  Also, the understeer effect (while still MUCH less
pronounced than the quattro) seems to have increased.

Theory 1 - The stiffer front shocks have created this increase in
understeer.  Reasoning - Very generally speaking, our wagons are often
better balanced feeling simply because of the firmer spring weights in the
rear of the car.  The wagons were engineered to accept loaded weight towards
the rear, so when the wagon is empty back there the rear is firmer than a
comparable sedan (4000csq).  Therefore, I was thinking completey straight
and messed up the chassis dynamics by having firmer shocks in front.


Derek Daily
90 CQ
86.5 VW qsw

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> From:	Phil Ethier [SMTP:pethier@isd.net]
>  In
> fact, that is one of the best differences between the Syncro and its
> contemporary cousin the Audi 4000 Quattro.  I have heard this from several
> other Quantum Syncro owners.