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The Big Audi Book Sale

This may have been forwarded, if so I apoligize for the double post-
Once again I'm back peddling my large surplus of FACTORY Audi
Training/service manuals published by Dyment and Bentley. All our priced way
below dealer and publisher price, and some are out of print and only
available through private channels such as me! Prices DO NOT include
shipping. All orders shipped within 24 hours of receiving payment. Thanks to
everyone who has bought from me in the past, this time around the money is
going toward my VR6 Conversion in a 88 golf, and general stuff for our new
Email me privately - Dean futreld@osm.com . Feel free to forward or post
this list to anyone interested.

books are listed by title, brief description of content, number of pages,
and price.

1989 model change Info. updates for wiring diagrams, engine changes, brakes,
etc. 47 pages $5

1986 5000 and 5000CS ABS Training Info. Wiring diagrams, trouble shooting,
system locations, etc 55 pages $5

1986-1988 Audi coupe GT digital display training. Covers wiring, functions,
calibrating, & troubleshooting. 24 pages $5

1993? -on Audi cabriolet service training. covers wiring, body, engine,
brakes. 45 pages (possible match for later 90 cars as well) $5

1988-on 80/90 Service Training Introduction 80 pages ( must have for 80/90
owners includes bonus radio program card, and mini sales brochure) $8

1990-on Auto Trans 097 Service training 52 pages BLOW OUT PRICE $2

1988-on 100/200 Service Training Tons of information for the 100/200 owners!
60 pages $8

1992 Model Change Info. V8, S4, brakes, wiring, you name it if it happened
in 92 it's here! 63 pages, LIMITED SUPPLY $10

1992 Motronic Engine Management for S4 and V8, A must have for motronic
owners! 72 pages LIMITED SUPPLY $10

1988-92/3 Coupe Q & 20V Service training, MPI management, brakes, interior,
ABS, wiring for coupe. 50 pages

1995 90 model Wiring diagrams 120 pages LAST COPY! $15

1986 5000 Models (all NA cars) Wiring diagrams 244 pages $15

1978-85 5000 Models (all NA cars) wiring diagrams, spiral bound 304 pages

1984  on Turbo Recall GK campaign training manual ( fuel line recall)
good fuel system info for KH and MC engine codes 80 pages $8

84/85- on 5000 models Climate Control troubleshooting & repair  85 pages $5

 1992 90 models Service Training intro. Covers, entire car, V6, MPI, brakes,
body, + more
93 pages $8

If you see something you are interested in but need more info, drop me a
email and I will try to answer your questions.

Thanks Again,