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Cold start problem '90 80

This is a newly acquired car, so I don't have much experience with
Audi's. I spent the last 17 years in a 1982 Isuzu (240K, diesel).

I hope I am not rehashing an old problem. I have a cold start problem.
It usually
takes 2-3 crankings, before the engine will run. Then it works fine for
the rest of the day. It doesn't matter if the car is garaged or left
outside. It is the 2.0L, non-q. I believe it is the thermo-time switch
or the cold start valve. How can I test either of them?

Question #2, Can I run less than premium gas, if the engine does not

Question #3, Does the cooling fan shorting problem (frying the wire
harness) affect my model/year. If so, what size of a fusible link do I
put on the negative side of the fan.

Question #4, Does anyone have a used Bentley manual for sale?

Al Streicher