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RE: TT Impression

The TT is a forerunner to the Karmen Ghia, looks very
similar.........(opinion only!)
Besides, it is not a Quattro, it is a PART time four wheel drive, it is
basically a front wheel drive car, just like a Subaru.

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Zsolts said...
I was just talking to a friend in Germany yesterday also. His opinion
similar. He said the car feels like it has steel bars for suspension
it's so
stiff. Being both of us designers we discussed the "Bauhaus" styling and
our opinion the TT is labeled that mostly because of the purposeful
design as oppose to just styling for the looks that many car companies
just my $0.02.

The TT is a beautiful car, but being from the motor city I have to point
that Ford really brought "Edge" styling to the forefront first (ie the
Cougar) which is the
styling cue of the TT.

Rene Curry
Grosse Ile, MI
84 Audi 5KST