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RE: stuck in 4th PT II

... well, if it is indeed the tranny, stop now before you spend too much
money and simply swap in a working tranny.  Personally, I would get a second
opinion about the 2 gears engaged.  I've dealt with quite a few shift
linkage problems, and other than synchros and bearings, not one tranny
failure ... that doesn't mean they don't happen though ...

Is your car an FWD or quattro?  Certainly if it was a quattro there are no
fewer than 4 points in the shift linkage that can fail in a way that would
make it impossible to get the tranny out of gear.  If your car is a FWD the
linkage is much simpler ... but still uses plastic parts that deteriorate
over time and temperature ... 

If you have a FWD car and live somewhere nearby, I have a 5-speed out of an
'86 4k in my Audi Fox.  The tranny was purported to be from a car that was
parted out on a bodyshop lien with something like 20k miles on it.  After I
installed it in the Fox I couldn't have put more than 10k miles on it.  I'll
probably be getting rid of the car quite soon.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> thanks for the reply to part I.  let me clarify my earlier statement
> that I could "get it out of gear" by depressing the clutch.  it is IN
> GEAR even when the clutch is depressed  the car dr. says its beyond the
> linkage, and he isn't sure how he'll get the forks disengaged (he says
> its actually in two gears right now) without disassembling tranny...
> any advice?
> RP
> 1986 4000CS 175K