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RE: New BMW television campaign

>From: bsullivan@pcconnection.com
>Subject: RE: New BMW television campaign
>Truly incredible. I guess BMW doesn't put much stock in the intelligence of
>its customers. 

You're right - they don't.

Some of their early 70's cars had a solenoid oil pressure gauge - it was
actually an idiot light, but designed to look like a "sporty" real oil
pressure gauge.

Reason: Yuppie A complains to dealer that Yuppie B's otherwise identical
car has "more oil pressure" and what's wrong with my car?? - I want a new

Cure: Something that looks like a gauge, but doesn't tell the morons
anything useful so they can sue the dealer!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

And by the way, the reason we have brake proportioning valves is a little
thing called weight transfer on braking - as you hit the brakes, the front
of the car gets heavier and the back gets lighter - for a graphic
demonstration of this, drive an older pickup truck, unladen, and stand on
the brakes - watch as you swap ends! BMW presumably is aware of this
phenomenon, but evidently feels its customers cannot grasp this concept,
hence ads for "balanced cars".

BMW seems now to be the car for car enthusiasts who are totally ignorant of
how cars actually work . . . but according to the recent documentary about
John DeLorean, "He was the first person to grasp the fact that we are
selling perceptions of cars, and the vehicle itself is almost an
afterthought!" And we wonder why people get killed in cars - cars designed
by idiots and built by morons for scoundrels to sell to nincompoops to be
financed by thieves, insured by racketeers, and repaired by incompetents.
Did I mention the DOT? Never mind . . .