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Re: smoked lens

> > Kinda funny then cause Pete Kunzler has them on his 4000cstq, I know of 2
> >  coupe quattros, and most VW GTIs that are black, from the factory have
> >  blacked out lenses on the rear
> >  Joe
> I actually got pulled over with this.  The ticket said something like not
> enough light showing though or something stupid like that.
> Jason

Not surprising. I've seen one Mk. I GTI, and a few other cars, mostly
recent VWs, with factory blacked-out taillights, that obviously had stronger
bulbs (or other tricks such as thin alternating black/clear stripes) 
resulting in normal lights, but between all the many cars with owner-blacked-out
lights that I've seen in the South and the few blacked-out and now
also clear lights up here in NE, none had anywhere close to adequate lights.