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Trouble hooking up power to car phone

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From: Martin Pot <paulnet@ipa.net>
To: Quattro list <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: Tuesday, May 18, 1999 1:27 AM
Subject: Trouble hooking up power to car phone

>We have purchased a hands free telephone, installation included. The shop
>that would install it could not get power from the cig lighter fuse under
>the hood, or from any fuse under there. He would put one end of the
>voltmeter in the fuse socket, and the other end on a ground and got no
>reading. He said I have never had this problem before, I should be getting
>voltage this way. He said I can do no more, lets make a new appointment. I
>promised him that I would post the question here, and assured him that I
>will have the solution, on doing this right(I bragged about you guys). He
>needs a power source that stays on with ign. off and a source that turns
>when ign. is turned off, how does he need to hook that up? Thanks, Martin
>'86 5KCSTQ 1.8 Bar