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Re[2]: brake bleeding (was: RE: Next under the

I have used something similar on my other cars; the attempt at a one-way valve
on this is plastic and lets a noticeable amount go back, but it goes very slow,
so that it's still easy to do. I take it there's no particular reason to not use
this on the 5kS?


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Subject:    Re: brake bleeding (was: RE: Next under the 
Author: <tm2@earthlink.net>
Date:       5/19/99 8:08 AM

rochow@pixelmagic.com wrote:
> >'Gravity Bleed' your brakes.  Simplest and most effective way, bar none, to
> >clean out the old and fill up with new.  Jack it up (securely) pull off the
> >wheels (for convenience) and then open the bleeders.  A piece of plastic
> >tubing (clear) is very handy, available at most automotive or aquarium
> >supply outlets, and a container to catch the old fluid in. When the 

I purchased a brake bleeding hose with a metal one way valve on the end
from your local parts store.  It has a clip that when you slid the hose
over the nipple it locks it on.  Slickest deal for bleeding brakes for
one person.  When you let up on the brake peddle it pull the brake fluid
from the brake resevoir and no air gets sucked back into the brake

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA