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RE: Plus definition

mmmm, the exception proves the rule???  i've certinaly never seen anything
sms/mtm have done with different wheel sizes.  i'm not saying that they
haven't, just that they put out a lot of kit with the *same* wheel sizes.
if it was such a win, why would they do that?

fwiw, the rsr which i've seen has the same size rims (18") front and rear.
we're talking about the 480hp rs2 aren't we?

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
'61 mb fintail

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> In view of the above, I find it interesting to note that two well-known
> tuners, SMS and MTM, have occasionally run smaller rear wheer wheels/tires
> (larger front wheels/tires?) on the hi-peformance Coupes they built for
> racing and street use and in both instances, the center diff was a
> JG
	I agree, a couple years ago European Car did a write up on the
RSR, a souped up S2 with bigger tires (and wider rims) in the front.  They
did testing at a track to determine this was the best set up, hardly a "I
dont know, just guessing" procedure, not that any of you are doing
that... ;)
Javad Shadzi
86 coupe GT