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re: 90q pre-inspection troubles

Phil Rose <pjrose@servtech.com> wrote:

> How does a "strut tester" work? Never encountered such technology over
>here. Here, I think the "test" often works something like the following:
>(1) Did the owner ask about shocks? (2) If so, look at the odometer, and
>then tell 'im he definitely needs new ones. (3) If not, call 'im over,
>bounce the car--and _then_ tell 'im he needs new ones.

Hahahaha! It's basically a plate you put the wheel on- the plate 'wobbles',
it stops and measures how much the wheel bounces back. A display then shows
how well the struts are functioning.

>I found I really did need new ones when I pulled all my OEM (107k mile)
>shocks last month, but it's amazing how bad the old ones can perform--once
>_off_ the car--yet previously give only a vague hint of the need to replace.

My previous car (over 200k miles, FWD Audi 80) had really bad (original)
struts. It braked badly even with new brake hardware, it cornered badly and
on bad roads it felt like you were floating- nausea-inducing.
This car clearly has one 'soft' corner- when all struts are equally worn
it's less easy to feel.