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re: 90q pre-inspection troubles

In message <l03020901b36d7a9f9fb7@[]> Tom Nas writes:

> Hahahaha! It's basically a plate you put the wheel on- the plate 'wobbles',
> it stops and measures how much the wheel bounces back. A display then shows
> how well the struts are functioning.

I've never seen these things outside of Germany - so the Dutch have
them too?

During my time in Germany, it was a regular feature of almost _any_
auto-related event - race days, rallys, sales fairs, club meetings,
etc.  Either the ADAC or the AvD would sponsor this "shock absorber
tester".  It's a raised platform (a little like a 4WD alignment rig)
that you drive the car onto.  Sensors are attached to the tops of
the struts and bloody great hydraulic pistons pummel the wheels up and
down.  The result is a printout of strut performance.

Usually all it costs you is 30 minutes in the queue and $5 or so for
some charity or other.

Phil Payne