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Re: Plus definition

> mmmm, the exception proves the rule???  i've certinaly never seen anything
>  sms/mtm have done with different wheel sizes.  i'm not saying that they
>  haven't, just that they put out a lot of kit with the *same* wheel sizes.
>  if it was such a win, why would they do that?

SMS did it with a few of their "REVO" S2s -- 1991, I think -- and there was 
an article about one of these cars in Cars and Car Conversions, a UK 
magazine.  MTM did it more recently (1994?) with their 420hp RSR and I 
believe articles appeared about it in both European Car and VW/Audi Car 
although I don't recall which issues.  (I also did it in 1989, with a 74hp 
FWD 4k that I drove to to a 7th-place trophy at the Solo II National 
Championships ... whoopee!) 

As for why they didn't do it more often, I'll hazard a guess: It looks 
"goofy."  Based upon my limited experience, most of the people who buy 
high-priced tuner cars are poseurs who value reputation and looks above 
anything else.