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Re: '89 200q idle mixture adjustment oddity and questions...

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Sent: Sunday, May 23, 1999 11:03 AM
Subject: '89 200q idle mixture adjustment oddity and questions...

> I recently replaced the injectors and inserts because they had started to
> leak.  Yesterday, I determined that while the 02 sensor was still working,
> was responding sluggishly so I replaced that as well.  I then hooked up a
> and went for a test drive while monitoring the O2 output voltage ... to my
> surprise, the car was running *very* lean on closed throttle (less than .1
> volts) and typically reading .035 to .060 volts at idle

    From what I recall, when you close the throttle with the car in motion,
the ECU shuts off the fuel (a fuel saving measure). This may be why you see
a lean condition with a closed throttle.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  275k km