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RE: NON-Q: How To Improve Ford Pickup Brakes - HELP

Nope, but *any* Audi makes a good dinghy.
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> Folks- If you have an automatic be careful with this advice. Using the
> converter to brake the vehicle without it being locked generates LOTS of
> undesireable heat. On long steep downgrades,the fluid can get so hot it
> melt some of the plastic connectors used in the lines between the tranny
> the cooler. If you want to use engine braking with an automatic get a
> converter lock-up switch installed. An aux cooler would not be a bad
> either.

After all is said and done - towing a 10,000-pound trailer with two
large live animals aboard is a non-trivial application.

IMO no Audi is suitable for the task.

Phil Payne