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Ur-Quattro Parts!

Hi Q-List:

I found a place that has 25 Ur-Quattros that are being parted out here
in Germany!

The place is between Munich and Passau (former East Germany) and here's
what you do if you need Ur-Quattro parts:
- IF you can speak German (he can't speak English) call the owner (Herr
Vierlbick) at 49-9931-6066 and tell him you what you need. He can ship
inside the EU, but he has never shipped to America, so he won't know the
customs codes. (I can help with that)...
- If you only speak English, you will need to send him a fax written in
really simple English and his friend will translate. Fax number
- Here are some of the prices I got quoted (they are high): complete
leather interior (black) 1600 DM, grey leather 2300 DM (I would like
this myself). Struts with ABS, 400 DM each for the fronts, 350 DM for
the backs EACH! He has a few 91 models there but I was afraid to ask him
what a 20V turbo motor would cost. Electric window conversion from
manual windows 500 DM.
- To convert DM to US $, take the DM price and divide by 1.85 (maybe
1.90 by now as our DM is slowly turning into the Euroruble!
- He wants payment up front if you can't pick the parts yourself.

HTH all those with Ur-Quattros.