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re: Fan blower thermolimiter

>Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 19:56:10 -0700
>From: Al Streicher <zeus@ior.com>
>Subject: Fan blower thermolimiter
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>Yesterday I replaced my resistor pack because the fan would only work on
>the HI setting. I came into the house to continue reading the archives.
>I came across a post from 3-22-99, Fan Problems - Alternate Solutions,
>by Dave Forgie.
>He had the same problem as I and others in the listing. His solution was
>to test the thermolimiter, first. That the problem was probably not the
>resistors themselves, but this thermolimiter.
>I checked my resistor pack, today. Resistors ok, thermolimiter - dead.
>If this part is still available, Dave said he found one at Radio Shack,
>then a $7 fix is better than $25.

Can't locate the post you refer to. A little more info would be helpful: I
assume you mean the A/C blower? What is a "thermolimiter"?

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